Triangle Ink Phoenix White by GDM Graphics

Information on White Inks

1701 Phoenix White Phoenix White is a high opacity, bleed resistant ink that performs extremely well on 50/50 cotton- poly blends. Its creamy consistency allows this product to work well on automatic presses without any buildup concerns. Very versatile ink that can be used as an underbase, stand alone or highlight white. 1706 and 1706 EX The 1706 […]

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Triangle Plastisol Starter Kit

Types of Plastisol Inks

About Inks For more detail on types of multi-purpose plastisol ink colors, visit the Triangle Inks page here. Crystalina Iridescent Colors Similar in characteristics to Metallic Glitter colors, these products utilize iridescent flakes. These products are available in red, blue and fluorescent varieties as well as the standard green shade. Glow-in-the-Dark/Phosphorescent Colors These products absorb light energy and […]

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