Saturn’s Rollin’ Screen Racker

Saturn's Rollin' Screen Racker for frame storage

Mobile, Adjustable, Horizontal Screen Frame Rack

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Saturn’s redesigned Rollin’ Screen Racker series increases production efficiency by safely and securely storing screens and other flat, rigid items in a versatile, mobile unit.

These versatile racks feature deep shelves — 31" or 40" inches, depending on the model — snd fully adjustable widths to accommodate a broad range of items. The Rollin' Screen Racker's easy mobility makes it perfect for organizing production, even under the most restrictive shop configurations. For example, screens can be exposed in one area, moved to another for drying, and then transported to the printing area when ready. Jobs can be staged, with screens left on the Rollin  Screen Racker until needed on the press. A full schedule of jobs can be stored on multiple Rollin' Screen Racker units and wheeled into the press area when needed for production.

Standard Features

  • Fully adjustable shelf widths
  • Holds screens from 14.5"-45.5" in length
  • Heavy-duty locking casters to make transporting easier

Safe, convenient, mobile storage for screen print frames

The Rollin’ Screen Racker series combines several rack sizes into one easily adjustable unit, accommodating widths ranging from 14.5"-45.5". All models feature non-scratching PVC shelves, two locking casters for stability, and a rust- and solvent-resistant powder-coated finish.


  • Versatile rack for safe drying and storage of screen frames and other flat rigid products 
  • Fully adjustable widths from 14.5" to 45.5" wide
  • Deeper shelves, adjustable widths hold as many as 25 frames up to 2.25" thick
  • Locking casters provide superior transport and additional stability
  • Simple, easy and speedy assembly
  • Partial assembly minimizes shipping costs
  • Promotes improved organization and efficiency
  • A diversified tool with numerous uses in production environments
Rollin' Screen Racker from GDM Graphics
Large Screen Frame storage from GDM

Pro-Light LED

Pro-Light LED w-legs and shelf screen exposing unit

Pro-Light LED Screen Exposing Units with LED Light Source

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Pro-Light LED

The latest LED technology makes these screen exposing units economical and efficient to operate, delivering accurate, professional results and production consistency for any screen printing operation. LED lamps mean quicker exposure times and longer light source life expectancy. Ideal for four-color process work, long runs, and extremely fine detail reproduction, A.W.T.’s Pro-Light LED exposure units offer quicker exposure times depending on the type of emulsion, coating thickness, or film being used. Undercutting is minimized in most applications. The digital timer ensures precise exposure intervals, virtually eliminating under or over exposure of your screens.

Standard Features

  • Quicker exposure time
  • Longer light source life expectancy
  • Digital timer for exact exposures
  • Flexible rubber vacuum blanket maintains complete contact between film positive and mesh to prevent distortion
  • Quiet vacuum motor for perfect contact between the positive and screen
  • Matched exposure technology accurately hardens different emulsions
Pro-Light LED w-legs and shelf screen exposing unit

Pro-Light Options

  • Legs
  • Legs with Storage Shelf

For more options, also see Pro-Light 1

Pro-Light 1

Pro-Light 1 with optional stand and storage shelf

Screen Exposing Unit with Focused Fluorescent or Optional Blacklight Sources

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Pro-Light 1™

These economical exposing units are equipped with a full vacuum frame and banks of focused fluorescent tubes to create an evenly distributed light profile. Featuring a 15-minute analog timer with automatic shutoff, the Pro-Light 1™ is easy to use and yields professional results regardless of your level of experience. With its flexible rubber blanket (which returns to its original shape once exposure is completed) and photo-clear glass, the Pro-Light 1 produces accurate copy transmittal while minimizing undercutting.

Ideal for four-color process work, long runs and extremely fine detail reproduction, A.W.T.’s UV Spectrum lamps offer quicker exposure times (usually less than 60 seconds), depending on the type of emulsion, coating thickness or film being used. Undercutting is minimized during most applications, and the Pro-Light 1™ UVS comes complete with internal safety lights for viewing and setup.  A digital timer (standard) ensures exact exposure times, virtually eliminating under/over exposure of your screens.


Pro-Light 1w-legs and shelf distributed by GDM graphics

Standard Features

  • Flexible rubber vacuum blanket maintains complete contact between film positive and mesh to prevent distortion
  • Focused lamps direct maximum exposing energy to screen
  • Vacuum motor delivers positive contact quickly
  • 15-minute timer with automatic shut-off

Options and Accessories

  • Legs
  • Storage shelf
  • Digital timer
  • High-output black light system


Econo-tex Screen Printing Models 2 through 6

The Econo-Tex™ series are high quality, one-, four- or six-color, rugged textile printers especially suited for start-up print shops or any application where short runs are needed. These versatile units are excellent for screen printing all types of textile products, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, towels, banners, bumper stickers, book covers and more. Use these reliable printers as teaching aids in classrooms, for fund raising projects, or in commercial sales. See a sales representative about our complete Econo-Tex series of printers.

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For more Information, download the spec sheet. Download more information here


  • All metal design with solid wood pallets
  • Levelers provide additional stability
  • Excellent, consistent print quality
  • Maximum print size: 15" x 16"
  • Lock-in hardened bearing registration system on one-color expandable and multicolor models for excellent registration
  • Adjustable spring tension screen frame lift
  • Sturdy frame clamping system
  • Off-contact feature


Econo-Tex one-color table top model
Screen Printing Equipment
Econo-Tex 2 - Four Color, one-station floor model
Econo-Tex 3 Heavy-Duty, Four-color, Four station, floor model
Econo-Tex, Six-Color, Four Station, Floor Model
Heavy-duty, Six-color, Four-station, Model

DRY-IT Screen Drying Cabinet

Dry-It Screen Drying Cabinet

A.W.T's Dry-It Screen Drying Cabinet

A.W.T.’s Dry-It™ Screen Drying Cabinet is a fully enclosed unit. The well-insulated chamber will heat to the required temperature quickly, reducing power consumption and operating costs. All Dry-It units have complete temperature controls with a standard temperature up to 120°F (49°C). Filtered, heated air moves through the cabinet gently and evenly, from one side to the other. The heated, moisture-filled air is then forced out. No moisture is recycled back into the unit. The screens are dried evenly and dust free. The standard cabinet comes with 10 shelves, adjustable to accommodate screens of different sizes. A.W.T. can also provide optional double-sided sliding brackets for use with multiple smaller screens per shelf. Each cabinet is equipped with heavy-duty casters for easy mobility.

Using a screen drying cabinet improves your screen quality and reduces your overall labor costs. In the open air, dust and other foreign matter will settle on the screen, creating flaws in the exposure process. By eliminating these problems and decreasing the need to touch-up and fill pinholes, the Dry-It™ Screen Drying Cabinet provides employees valuable time to perform other tasks. Each Dry-It Cabinet provides the required even heat distribution and the perfect temperature to dry screens evenly and dust free.

For more information, download the spec sheet.  Download more information here

DRY-IT Standard Features, Options and Accessories

Filtered heated air through the chamber

Filtered, heated air moves evenly through the chamber

Dry-It has a temperature control readout

Digital temperature control readout

Air intake filter of Dry-It

Air intake filter keeps screens dust-free

Dry-It Optional double-sided brackets

Optional double-sided brackets accommodate smaller frames

Door latches and gaskets give you a tight seal

Door latches and gaskets give you an extra tight seal to keep dust and dirt out


Cure-Tex I and II- An economical approach to plastisol curing

The Economical Approach to Plastisol Curing - Cure-Tex and Cure-Tex II

 A consistent leader in the economy class of dryers, the Cure-Tex™ features the same high quality components as our larger infrared units at an entry level price.  Engineered for top production speeds, the Cure-Tex can handle up to twelve dozen pieces per hour, or twenty dozen pieces per hour when equipped with the unit’s optional dual heat chamber. The dual heat chamber also works great for pieces in need of extended curing requirements. In both units, solid state temperature controls and heavy-duty chamber insulation combine for an efficient means of curing that keeps heat in and reduces energy consumption. Heat is delivered efficiently and uniformly to the pieces through a top down airflow pattern that guards against scorching.

Standard Features

  • Solid state temperature controls
  • Heavy-duty chamber insulation
  • Variable speed conveyor drive
  • Cure-Tex Fiberlon™ conveyor belt
  • Adjustable chamber doors
  • Forced-air, top-down airflow
  • Adjustable radiant heat panel

Options and Accessories

  • Side drying panel for some units
  • Additional conveyor sections
  • 50 Hz conversion
  • Dual chamber for most models


The Cure-Tex line now includes the compact and economical 16-inch model using standard household current. Perfect for short runs, smaller operations or wherever space is at a premium. 

Advantages of Cure-Tex

  • Air flow for uniform heat distribution Easy heat panel height adjustment
  • Quick gate height adjustment for thicker garments
  • Energy efficient, low cost operation
  • Small footprint; requires little floor space
  • Easy to set-up and operate

A user-friendly control panel provides complete up-front operation with independent settings for temperature and belt speed. The Cure-Tex Heat panel height is easily adjusted, and a rugged Fiberlon™ belt withstands heat up to 500°F (260°C).  Designed for easy access to all components and built to last, both units provide long life with minimal service. Options include a digital temperature control, extra conveyor lengths by the foot, and a
handy storage shelf.

To Learn more, download the spec sheet here.   Download more information here