DRY-IT Screen Drying Cabinet

Dry-It Screen Drying Cabinet

A.W.T's Dry-It Screen Drying Cabinet

A.W.T.’s Dry-It™ Screen Drying Cabinet is a fully enclosed unit. The well-insulated chamber will heat to the required temperature quickly, reducing power consumption and operating costs. All Dry-It units have complete temperature controls with a standard temperature up to 120°F (49°C). Filtered, heated air moves through the cabinet gently and evenly, from one side to the other. The heated, moisture-filled air is then forced out. No moisture is recycled back into the unit. The screens are dried evenly and dust free. The standard cabinet comes with 10 shelves, adjustable to accommodate screens of different sizes. A.W.T. can also provide optional double-sided sliding brackets for use with multiple smaller screens per shelf. Each cabinet is equipped with heavy-duty casters for easy mobility.

Using a screen drying cabinet improves your screen quality and reduces your overall labor costs. In the open air, dust and other foreign matter will settle on the screen, creating flaws in the exposure process. By eliminating these problems and decreasing the need to touch-up and fill pinholes, the Dry-It™ Screen Drying Cabinet provides employees valuable time to perform other tasks. Each Dry-It Cabinet provides the required even heat distribution and the perfect temperature to dry screens evenly and dust free.

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DRY-IT Standard Features, Options and Accessories

Filtered heated air through the chamber

Filtered, heated air moves evenly through the chamber

Dry-It has a temperature control readout

Digital temperature control readout

Air intake filter of Dry-It

Air intake filter keeps screens dust-free

Dry-It Optional double-sided brackets

Optional double-sided brackets accommodate smaller frames

Door latches and gaskets give you a tight seal

Door latches and gaskets give you an extra tight seal to keep dust and dirt out