Pro-Light 1

Pro-Light 1 with optional stand and storage shelf

Screen Exposing Unit with Focused Fluorescent or Optional Blacklight Sources

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Pro-Light 1™

These economical exposing units are equipped with a full vacuum frame and banks of focused fluorescent tubes to create an evenly distributed light profile. Featuring a 15-minute analog timer with automatic shutoff, the Pro-Light 1™ is easy to use and yields professional results regardless of your level of experience. With its flexible rubber blanket (which returns to its original shape once exposure is completed) and photo-clear glass, the Pro-Light 1 produces accurate copy transmittal while minimizing undercutting.

Ideal for four-color process work, long runs and extremely fine detail reproduction, A.W.T.’s UV Spectrum lamps offer quicker exposure times (usually less than 60 seconds), depending on the type of emulsion, coating thickness or film being used. Undercutting is minimized during most applications, and the Pro-Light 1™ UVS comes complete with internal safety lights for viewing and setup.  A digital timer (standard) ensures exact exposure times, virtually eliminating under/over exposure of your screens.


Pro-Light 1w-legs and shelf distributed by GDM graphics

Standard Features

  • Flexible rubber vacuum blanket maintains complete contact between film positive and mesh to prevent distortion
  • Focused lamps direct maximum exposing energy to screen
  • Vacuum motor delivers positive contact quickly
  • 15-minute timer with automatic shut-off

Options and Accessories

  • Legs
  • Storage shelf
  • Digital timer
  • High-output black light system