Saturn’s Rollin’ Screen Racker

Saturn's Rollin' Screen Racker for frame storage

Mobile, Adjustable, Horizontal Screen Frame Rack

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Saturn’s redesigned Rollin’ Screen Racker series increases production efficiency by safely and securely storing screens and other flat, rigid items in a versatile, mobile unit.

These versatile racks feature deep shelves — 31" or 40" inches, depending on the model — snd fully adjustable widths to accommodate a broad range of items. The Rollin' Screen Racker's easy mobility makes it perfect for organizing production, even under the most restrictive shop configurations. For example, screens can be exposed in one area, moved to another for drying, and then transported to the printing area when ready. Jobs can be staged, with screens left on the Rollin  Screen Racker until needed on the press. A full schedule of jobs can be stored on multiple Rollin' Screen Racker units and wheeled into the press area when needed for production.

Standard Features

  • Fully adjustable shelf widths
  • Holds screens from 14.5"-45.5" in length
  • Heavy-duty locking casters to make transporting easier

Safe, convenient, mobile storage for screen print frames

The Rollin’ Screen Racker series combines several rack sizes into one easily adjustable unit, accommodating widths ranging from 14.5"-45.5". All models feature non-scratching PVC shelves, two locking casters for stability, and a rust- and solvent-resistant powder-coated finish.


  • Versatile rack for safe drying and storage of screen frames and other flat rigid products 
  • Fully adjustable widths from 14.5" to 45.5" wide
  • Deeper shelves, adjustable widths hold as many as 25 frames up to 2.25" thick
  • Locking casters provide superior transport and additional stability
  • Simple, easy and speedy assembly
  • Partial assembly minimizes shipping costs
  • Promotes improved organization and efficiency
  • A diversified tool with numerous uses in production environments
Rollin' Screen Racker from GDM Graphics
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