Information on White Inks

Triangle Ink Phoenix White by GDM Graphics

1701 Phoenix White

Phoenix White is a high opacity, bleed resistant ink that performs extremely well on 50/50 cotton- poly blends. Its creamy consistency allows this product to work well on automatic presses without any buildup concerns. Very versatile ink that can be used as an underbase, stand alone or highlight white.

1706 and 1706 EX

The 1706 & 1706 EX (Excel White Series) are formulated for printing on 100% polyester garments. Both provide excellent bleed resitancy, as well as, a bright white opaque finish. 1706 is our first edition of this series which is slightly higher in viscosity. Both 1706 & 1706 EX contain a creamy body which allows printing through mesh sizes from 86t to 200t. It is the perfect choice for an underbase or a highlight white. Great for long runs on automated presses as there will be no build up issues.

General Description

Tri-Flex 1700 series, plastisol is formulated for direct wet on wet printing of athletic and leisure garments and also may be used for the limited manufacture of Hot Peel Plastisol Transfers.

Stock: For direct prints, knit and woven T-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, fleece goods, and bandanna stock may be used. All popular types of transfer release papers may be used to produce cold peel transfers. Hot peel transfers can also be achieved with the use of Hot-Peel paper.

Stencils: All types of solvent resistant emulsions are suitable.

Mesh: 110 up to 280 mesh

Curing: 315° F TO 330°F depending on ink deposit, fabric type, ink color and dryer efficiency. Failure to properly cure is the primary reason for ink adhesion failure. Thick ink deposits do require more energy (longer dwell time) to cure, similarly a 100% cotton fabric because of its high moisture content will reduce curing efficiency compared to a 50/50 cotton polyester mix. Dark colors absorb heat and cure faster than light colors. Colors, which reflect heat – metallics, glitters and shimmers, also require more energy to properly cure. Finally the use of a Forced Air Dryer is far more efficient for thorough cure than the use of a Radiant Heat Unit.

Washup: Tri-sol 25 or equivalent (Mineral Spirits).

Storage Procedure: Store at room temperature. Keep away from heat.

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