DecoFilm Brilliant Chameleon


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DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon

DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon is one of our most popular heat transfer lines. These vinyl products give off an iridescent shimmer with a stunning color shift.  Depending on what garments the vinyl is placed, its color can change.  They give your garments new possibilities.

DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon products all give a chrome appearance. It offers a smooth texture but does not stretch and will not layer.

SUBLIMATION FRIENDLY: All colors can be sublimated onto. This high-quality vinyl is not suited for fine fabric.

  • 19.5 x 12 inch
  • Material may vary in width
  • Material may peel back from liner in which case we recommend smoothing it over prior to cutting

GDM offers a full range of Glitterflex vinyl products.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 21 in
DF Brilliant Chameleon

01-Blue-DFBC, 02-Pink-DFBC, 03-Violet-DFBC, 04-Orange-DFBC, 05-Green-DFBC, 06-Red-DFBC

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