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WM Plastics Standard, Low-Bleed and Poly Inks

To meet the needs of printing on today’s blended garments, GDM Graphics offers WM Plastics AP, LOW BLEED, and poly inks. W.M. Plastics is a screen-printing ink manufacturer of quality plastisol screen printing inks. Their inks have superior texture, blend, and smoother viscosity, which make their inks easier to work with. Their inks are some of the most versatile on the market. Versatility enables printers to print on the most difficult substrates. Not only does this system hold up to the worst bleeders, but at the lower cure temps it could save a shop a ton of money in reduced energy costs.

Meets the current garment blend test

WM Plastics Low-Bleed / Low-Temp Inks Cure at 230* to solve issues when printing 100% polyester garments. Manufactures test and re-test their chemistry to prevent bleed resistant polyester inks from sublimating garments. As clothing manufactures continue to make more and more blends, the question is can you screen print on polyester with confidence? The answer is yes. You can with WM Plastics Plastisol Inc. inks.

Low Bleed Poly Inks

Only the Spec Black, Light Reflex Blue, Russ Purple, Maroon and Soft Hand Base are all-purpose inks.  All other colors are low bleed, poly inks.

Top Considerations When Printing on Polyester

  1. Dye migration causes one of the main problems with printing on polyester. The dye in the fabric can bleed into your printed design.
  2. High heat is detrimental for polyester, as it can act as a catalyst for dye migration while also causing the actual fabric to pucker or melt.
  3. If you are printing multiple colors and need to use a flash in between printing each, I suggest pre-flashing the fabric.
  4. When printing multiple colors on polyester, don’t forget that if you use an under base and a poly white that cures at a lower temperature, you also should use colors that cure at a lower temperature.
  5. Conduct a wash test before starting full production.

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WM Plastics Poly Inks

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